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Bingo - House Rules

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Bingo House Rules:
Effective January 9, 2003

  • You must be 18 or older to play.
  • You must display a valid verification ticket.
  • You must purchase a game book and progressive card to play specials.
  • Bingo cards may be purchased until game the first special begins.
  • You must bingo on the last number called.
  • All cards must be permanently marked.
  • Player must bingo loud enough for caller and/or floor worker to hear.
  • No bingos accepted after the caller closes the bingo.
  • The correct color sheet must be played for a valid bingo.
  • Plastic must be used under cards and no tape is to be used on tables.
  • No checks will be accepted.
  • Only american money will be accepted.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed on premises.
  • No gambling will be permitted.
  • Refunds are given only if books can be resold.
  • Workers are not responsible for any missed numbers when covering a player's cards.
  • Charity game tickets can be redeemed up to 14 days.
  • If the bingo tumbler breaks down, balls will be drawn from a paper bag.
  • The bingo board in front of caller is the official board.
  • If an emergency forces bingo to close during play, players must submit unplayed sheets with their name attached. A new bingo date will be selected to continue play of these cards only.
  • Management reserves the right to cancel bingo if there are not sufficient players present.
  • For bingo information in case of inclement weather, call 586.992.1120.
  • Prize money for less than 61 players will be paid as follows:
          Quickies - $20.00
          One Line - $15.00
          Two Lines - $40.00
    All jackpots will be paid at one-half the amount shown.
  • In the event there is less than 51 players, all prize money will be one-half the amount shown.

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